Facebook not loading website content properly!

"Facebook not loading website content properly", we often get this complaint from our clients and many of them think that this is a hosting problem! Trust me, this is not a server side issue. There may be two reasons for this:

  • Either you didn't set up the Facebook Open Graph Meta properly, or
  • Your site's SSL Certificate was not set after transfering to DirectAdmin control panel. 

Facebook Open Graph Meta

We will not discuss how to setup open graph meta. You will get lots of articles on it by googling. Since this is not a server related issue, you should read and understand the articles online.

If you have already setup the open graph meta, open Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger page and paste your website URL in the Input URL box. Click on Fetch new scrape information button to ask Facebook to re-scrape the site. Facebook will clear all previous cache of your site. Hopefully, after that your site will show again properly in Facebook. If Facebook debugger warned you about SSL, then you have to setup SSL Certificate for your website.

How to generate SSL Certificate? Is it Auto?

As you all know that we have migrated our hosting control panel from cPanel to DirectAdmin, DirectAdmin doesn't setup SSL Certificate automatically like cPanel. You have to do it by yourself by login to DirectAdmin control panel. Don't worry, you can do this with just one click! Just follow the below instruction:

  1. Login to your DirectAdmin panel
  2. At the beginning, you will get an option named as SSL Certificates, click on it
  3. In the next page, click on the first tab named as Free & automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt.
  4. You will get few checkbox(s) there, where you have to select in which URL(s) you want to set SSL.
  5. Finally, click on Save button and you are done!

Facebook not loading website content properly!

Now, again go to Facebook debugger page, after creating SSL Certificate for your website. Repeat once again the process I have discussed earlier. Hopefully, this time everything will be alright.

If you still face any issues or having trouble to understand the new hosting panel, feel free to contact us by opening a ticket, and we will try our best to help.

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